Areas of application

hybrid turf - sportsfield of the future

Strong synthetic fibres and natural lawn grasses in combination form a strong team. Each element protects the other and together they provide the best of both worlds.

EUROGREEN hybrid turf is ideal for all grass sportsfields — either across the entire field or selectively to strengthen areas that are subjected to particularly high stress. Significantly reduced investment cost, along with additional utilisation capacity, makes hybrid turf the ideal solution for all municipalities and sports clubs. Anyone who values the natural character of a grass surface will find their dream solution in hybrid turf:

  • the natural turf character is retained
  • hybrid is more resilient than natural turf, allowing more hours of utilisation
  • maintenance of green coloring through the synthetic fibres even in worn-out areas
  • because of its natural turf content, hybrid is of higher ecological value than 
    fully synthetic turf