Hybrid turf on football pitches

EUROGREEN hybrid turf is ideally suitable for usage across the entire pitch. A flat and visually appealing playing surface across the whole of the turfed sports pitch maximises the playability of the turf. It becomes more resilient. Because the pitch can be used for an extra 1–2 hours per day compared to a non-reinforced turf pitch, more sport can be played. There is no difference between hybrid and natural turf pitches either visually or in terms of their playing characteristics. The synthetic fibres cover about 11% of the turf area. Even if the turf is almost completely worn out, those fibres are still visible.
Things should never actually get that far, however. By sticking to the recommended maintenance measures, the normal need for a regenerative break over the summer no longer applies. Even during wintertime, it is only in the case of extreme frost or freeze/thaw when use of the pitch might need to be restricted. It is therefore playable virtually all year round.

Another big selling point of the hybrid turf is the possibility of a partial assembly as worn out and deficient areas due to heavy usage such as goal areas or goal lines can be strengthened with hybrid turf.

Before: the goal area to be replaced is identified

Fresh green for the "foals"

Hybridturf - Training area / Ball swinging system Borussia Mönchengladbach, 21.04.2015 (Photo EUROGREEN)

Patchwork in Jindřichův Hradec / Czech Republic

Complete reconstruction with 7 hybrid lawns in Jindřichův Hradec / Czech Republic. The light brown areas were sown again and will soon "greet". The areas provided with hybrid lawn are the most stressed in the play mode. The smaller hybrid lawn areas (left and right) are heavily stressed during training, among other things by setting up football gates to enable "small-scale playfields". (Photo EUROGREEN)
After: new, green and densely overgrown.