Hours of utilisation: natural turf - hybrid turf

Comparison hours of usage on the example Grünwalder Freizeitpark GmbH:

In the late summer of 2013 EUROGREEN has rebuilt a natural turf in a hybrid turf at Grünwalder Freizeitpark GmbH , south of Munich .

The course was completed on 16 October 2013 and has been used frequently.

The overview below, which was kindly provided to us by the management of Grünwalder Freizeitpark GmbH shows an increase in the hours of usage  over a period of three months  of 56% in favor of hybrid turf:



     October   November   December   Sum 
 hybrid turf
 2013  44,75 76 0 120,75
 natural turf  2012 63 14,5 0   77,50

• October 2013:
since 16 October in usage
(Data: Grünwalder Freizeitpark GmbH)